Business and Personal Web Design

Web Design Portland Oregon specializes in content management systems primarily focused on WordPress open source code. Our designs are clean, simple, very efficient and mobile-optimized. We emphasize quick loading source code and images. We do this to improve the visitor experience. This equates to a search engine friendly website. Do not take our word for this. We invite you to test this site and our clients site speed in Firefox´s page speed plugin.

The plugin tests twenty nine speed factors. Our numbers are 95 and above out of a hundred. Local Portland Oregon area web design company´s numbers come in at 90 to as low as 70 and below. Our goal is to get our clients page speed into the 90´s and above.

A fresh Word Press installation pulls from several files and is very cumbersome. Because of this at best it will rate 89 out of a hundred. This translates to a slower loading site. Word Press has hundreds of useful plugins. Every time you use one it slows the site down even further. Has the following scenario happened to you? You require a service for a local Portland Oregon area business. You type in your search phrase in a favorite search engine. You click on the top search engine results page (serp) only to click away because the site is to slow to load. Do not let this happen to you.

Web design has many directions it can take. Twenty years ago websites were designed in html using tables. This old code is completely outdated. You can check to see if your site is constructed using this old code by right clicking the page in Windows Explorer. Click on “View source”. Look for “View Page Source” in Firefox.  Look for the following tags: <table>,<tr>,<td>.  If you find those tags on your pages it is time for an update.

Web designs made in Adobe Flash can be very beautiful. Their down side is that they are not search engine friendly at all and are considered outdated. This software is primarily used for gaming. If online marketing is important to you it is best to go with a design that a search engine can easily read content.

Non content management system XHTML and HTML5 sites have the advantage of clean code and great speed. Their down side is that every time content has to be updated you must be able to upload those changes to your server. If you cannot do this yourself, then your webmaster has to do it for you.

A content management system simply means that the site manages your text, images and script systematically. Based on your allotted disk space you can store all your data and have a simple way to retrieve it.

Here at Web Design Portland Oregon we contend that a content management system (CMS) based on Word Press is the best choice for individuals and businesses. It gives you the advantage of making changes yourself simply by logging in. It can include a blog and maintain the same theme. Because the entire world is contributing to the open source code it is continuously improving and evolving. As mentioned earlier there are hundreds of useful plugins to complete your project.

When you do business with Web Design Portland Oregon not only do you get a fast loading search engine optimized (seo) website, you also get the most competitive prices in Portland, Oregon. Call, email or text us today.